Upcoming Performances

Date City Venue Time Tickets
July 16, 2020 Haverstraw, NY Bowline Park Summer Concerts 7:30-9 pm Free Concert
 Aug. 1, 2020 Highland Mills, NY  Palaia Winery Woodstock Festival 

All day event BTTG at 7pm

Aug. 4, 2020  Woodbridge, NJ  “Tuesday Night Tributes”  7:30-9:30pm Free Admission 
Aug. 20,2020 Town Of Carmel, NY Mahopac Concert Series 7-9pm Free Concert
Oct. 17, 2020 Cleveland, OH 75th Birthday Party TBA Private Event
March 6, 2021 Old Saybrook, CT The Kate TBA TBA
July 10, 2021 W. Springfield. MA W. Springfield Rotary Festival TBA TBA